Cous Cous with Prawns and Kale

Couscous with Prawns and Kale Recipe – High Protein Breakfast Recipe

This is a healthy delicious meal that is quick and easy to make and high in protein. In less than 20mins you’ll refuel your muscles with this Couscous and Prawns recipe.

Couscous with Prawns and Kale recipe for breakfast – Baba Foodie

A healthy High Protein Prawn meal prep recipe

If you’re tired of the same old egg and chicken recipes to get quality proteins, you’ll love this easy recipe. No more boring protein recipes.

How To Cook Couscous

To cook your Couscous it’s best to follow the instructions on the package. You can use any Couscous brand you prefer but please check the ingredients section for the exact brand I used in this recipe.

Also, I added a little bit of cheese to the Couscous on the pan. It give it a really good flavour. Seriously cheesy!

Cous Cous Breakfast Recipe Meal Prep – Baba Foodie

How To Cook Prawns and Kale

In this recipe, I used a store bought “cooked and peeled” ready to eat Prawns. You can use any type of Prawns you prefer but just be mindful of the macros.

To cook your kale with the prawns, add your cheese to a dry non-stick pan. Then fry the kale and prawns for 5-7mins. Stir thoroughly throughout.

Why You Should Eat A High Protein Meal

Protein is an essential nutrient that your body needs for building muscles and for optimal bodily function.

This protein content in this Prawn recipe will help increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Also, you’re getting a huge 43g of Protein in one meal. This is really important if you want to hit your daily Macronutrient and calorie intake.

Cous Cous with Prawns and Kale in a bowl – Baba Foodie

Couscous with Prawns and Kale Ingredients

  • Dried Couscous – 200g. Use any amount that will fill you up but be mindful of the macros. Shop here
  • Cooked and Ready to Eat Prawns – 150g. You can use any cooked and ready to eat Prawns or Shrimps. Shop here
  • Cheddar cheese – 25g. I used Organic Mature Cheese but you can use any Cheese you prefer. Shop here
  • Curly Kale – 50g. Chop up your kale into tiny bits before frying with cheese. Shop here

Tips and Suggestions To Prepare This Healthy Meal

  • Cook your Couscous first. Melt a little cheese and add it to the Couscous after cooking and stir on the cooker for 1min.
  • Place the cheese in the pan first, wait for it to melt before adding the kale and prawns. Then stir thoroughly.
  • To save time, make this meal in advance the night before so you can eat it first thing in the morning before work.

Cous Cous with Prawns and Kale Macros Breakdown

Calories 579

Fat 12g

Carbs 71g

Fibre 7g

Protein 43g

Serving size 1

Total time 20mins


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